All the Macros in one page [CFM4C Example page]

1.2. Amidst the thicket of challenges…

1.3. Calculation can be a daring expedition!

Navigating the world of mathematics can feel like hacking through a dense jungle of numbers and equations:

1.4. Reference Island

1.5. Be a Chameleon

Just as chameleons possess remarkable traits that enable their survival, thriving in the ever-evolving landscape of business demands a parallel set of skills. Firstly, their adaptability, evident in their color-changing prowess, resonates with the need for businesses to flexibly navigate dynamic markets.



1.6. Move up the food chain

Just as a food chain illustrates the interdependence of organisms in an ecosystem, business can be likened to a complex economic chain. Each link in this chain represents a different stage or aspect of the market, from raw material providers to manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and ultimately, consumers. Similar to how energy flows through the food chain, money, goods, and services flow through the business chain.





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