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1. Installation


1.1. From the Atlassian Marketplace, type "Demo Alert macro" in the "Search the Marketplace" field.

1.2. Find the "Demo Alert macro" add-on by ReWork in the search results.

1.3. Press the "Try it free" or "Subscribe now" buttons.

1.4. Select your site on to install the add-on, then click "Start a free trial"

2. Settings


2.1. Change the Background Color 

2.1.1. The color scheme option lets you select any color you want for the background of your alert.

2.1.2. You can use one of the preset options or use your browser color picker. You access this by clicking on the pencil icon.

2.1.3. This will open the color picker nearby. The color of the text will automatically change to be a contrasting tone for readability.

2.2. Edit a Demo Alert

2.2.1. To make changes to an alert after it is published, first display the page in Edit mode.

2.2.2. Click the card, then click the Edit icon.

2.2.3. Make your desired changes, then click Save. If you want to edit an alert image, you will need to upload it again.



Use Cases


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  1. Make sure that you have the Content Formatting Macros for Confluence add-on installed into your Confluence. If not, install a free trial version of it.

  2. Click the Edit button (the pencil icon)

  3. To copy all elements on a page: press Ctrl+A on your keyboard and then Ctrl+C. To copy specific elements: left-click the element you want to copy, then press Ctrl+C.

  4. Open a new or existing page in your Confluence space and press Ctrl+V to paste.

  5. Publish your Confluence page.

  6. View the published element(s). If needed, you can change elements in Edit mode - just click on the element and then click the pencil icon.